MGA Sculpture Studio, LLC

Sculpture by Mark Aeling, Master sculptor

MGA Sculpture Studio, LLC

515 22nd Street South, Unit E

St. Petersburg, Florida 33712

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Design: Mark Aeling 
Project Team: Mark Aeling 
Installation and Fabrication Team:  Chris Padow, George Retke, Ryan Michel
Client: Metro Development
Location: Tampa, Florida
Date: 2015
Photography: Mike Rixon Photography
Status: Completed

​​VERTICAL HUM: Abstract metal sculpture for ​Metro Development in Tampa.
​MATERIALS: Steel, Aluminum ​DIMENSIONS: 8’ x 20’ x 1

This abstract metal sculpture was created for Metro Development in Tampa. Notice how the patterns on the sculpture's face change and shift as you move around the room, reminiscent of wind on water. ​The goal of this sculpture was to create a sense of energy and movement while relating to its surroundings.

​Watch a short video of Vertical Hum "In Action"