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Sculpture by Mark Aeling, Master sculptor

MGA Sculpture Studio, LLC

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Design: Mark Aeling, 
Installation and Fabrication Team:  Chris Padow, Sal St.Germain
Client: Sundial Plaza
Location: Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida
Date: 2015
Photography: Mike Rixon Photography
Status: Completed

A family of six life-sized bronze Dolphins frolic in and around a fountain at the base of a large Sundial, the centerpiece of Downtown St. Pete’s Sundial Plaza. For Sundial Dolphins, Mark Aeling’s work was selected to complement the design of a world-renowned production designer and a legend in his industry, Rene Lagler. He won his first of five Emmys for his design work on the 57th Academy Awards in 1985 and his second for designing the Centennial Celebration for the Statue of Liberty. Rene designed the Sundial, Fountain and Mosaic Lagoon where the dolphins play. The lagoon features 288,000 water-jet cut one-inch porcelain tiles.
​“We are taking the best talent from around the world, including right here in St. Pete,” Rick Baker, former St. Petersburg Mayor and current President of The Edwards Group, owners of the Sundial Plaza, told I Love The Burg of the pairing. 

The Dolphins add a whimsical element to a pedestrian shopping destination filled with opulent touches, designed in every detail to highlight the beauty of the City, while creating a gathering place in the heart of downtown. Dolphin sightings from the nearby City waterfront always catch the imagination of residents and visitors alike.
“The Sundial Dolphins were a great opportunity to create a signature sculpture for a City that I love. I’m very grateful for the opportunity.”
​--Mark Aeling

SUNDIAL DOLPHINS: Six life-sized Bronze dolphins sitting in and around a fountain at the base of a large sundial in the Sundial Shopping Complex in downtown St. Petersburg, FL.
MATERIALS: Cast Bronze DIMENSIONS: 25 Ft. W x 7 Ft. H.