MGA Sculpture Studio, LLC

Sculpture by Mark Aeling, Master sculptor

MGA Sculpture Studio, LLC

515 22nd Street South, Unit E

St. Petersburg, Florida 33712

Tel: 727.327.3473


​​​MGA Sculpture Studio is a full service, commission driven, sculpture facility.  We engage in projects from concept and design through fabrication,  final finish and installation.  We work in a wide variety of mediums from anything cast-able like bronze, fiberglass, cement and plaster, to a wide variety of plastics and epoxies.  We also excel at metal fabrication and carved stone and wood.

From small bronze additions and private commissions to large scale public art, we do it all. MGA has an outstanding reputation for creative problem solving and sculptural fabrication.

We incorporate engineering solutions that literally take structural engineering outside the box.

MGA is a team player.  We can conceive and design a sculpture for you or work with your ideas and designs. We prefer to keep the client connected to the process but we are not afraid to take an opportunity and run with it,  handling all the details.  Every project has its own requirements and our creative process is very flexible.

MGA has at it's disposal over 4,000 square feet and 25' ceilings.  We  produce large scale public art and commissions that are shipped throughout the United States.