MGA Sculpture Studio, LLC

Sculpture by Mark Aeling, Master sculptor

Ripple Effect has been selected to appear in the 2015 book CAST
​by Schiffer Publishing. 

This relief panel is inspired by the 3 core values of the guiding principles of the BayCare Health System; TRUST, RESPECT and DIGNITY.  As I was doing my research this series of threes became a theme. I also found three core elements in health; MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.  It got me thinking about threes.  Three is the foundation of structure, of three dimensions.  Triangles are the simplest and strongest forms in geometry.  Look at the pyramids for example.  I started looking at ways to weave together these core elements into a tapestry of sculptural form.  Initially I looked at weaving literally.  Investigating patterns that involved a three directional weave. 

 It wasn’t until I was vacationing in the mountains with a friend and her boys that the inspiration for this project came to me.  I was playing with the boys by a rivers edge.  We were skipping rocks along the water and counting the skips.  One of the boys picked up several rocks at once and tossed them up in the air.  Each rock landed in the water creating a unique ripple pattern like a signature of its size, shape and velocity.  These patterns grew overlapping one another as if they were woven together forming a beautiful interconnected shape on the surface of the water.  I had my answer.

 During the course of a life all things we perceive are interwoven.  They affect each other.  These interrelated elements form our experience, our lives our communities.  It is the interrelation of the core elements, TRUST, RESPECT and DIGNITY that give them strength, that builds health and community.

RIPPLE EFFECT. A public art commission created for the lobby of
​BayCare Health's new administrative facility. 
​MATERIALS: Monochromed Cast Fiberglass with Polyester Resin. DIMENSIONS: 10 Ft. W x 15 Ft. H x 4 In. Deep

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Design: Mark Aeling
Installation and Fabrication Team:  Mark Aeling,
​Chris Padow, Salvadore St. Germain
Client: BayCare Health Services 
Location: Clearwater, Florida
Date: 2014
Photography: Mike Rixon Photography
Status: Completed