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Sculpture by Mark Aeling, Master sculptor

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RINGERS: Percent For Art Sculpture for the City of Austin, TX.
MATERIALS: Polychome Steel DIMENSIONS: 20’ H x 6’ W x 6' D

LEFT: Ringers in Process at MGA's
​St. Louis Studio.  

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Design: Mark Aeling, Kevin Garber 
Project Team: MGA Sculpture Studio, Fishing Creek Studio
Installation and Fabrication Team:  MGA, Fishing Creek Studios
Client: City of Austin, TX
Location: Jefferson Center, Austin, TX
Date: 2002
Photography: Mark Aeling
Status: Completed

A massive game of horseshoes in action greets visitors at each entrance to Austin's Jefferson Center in Ringers, a whimsical 2002 Public Art collaboration between Mark Aeling of MGA Sculpture and fellow artist Kevin Garber of Fishing Creek Studios. Garber and Aeling were selected in a national call to artists for the Austin Percent For Art commission funded by Jefferson Center owners JPI.  The twin 17" sculptures are an  accurate 1"=1' recreation of regulation horseshoe gear, transforming viewers and surroundings to miniatures. The traffic circles become part of the game, covered with river gravel to represent the sand in the horseshoe pit. Mark Aeling talks about Ringers: "The idea was influenced by a number of sources – Gulliver's Travels and the Lilliputians, Paul Bunyan and his tall tales, Texas and its larger than life persona and Klaus Oldenberg, the  modernist who turned everyday objects into monumental sculpture."