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CUT THROAT TROUT: Sculpture commissioned for the East entrance of Legends Plaza in Nevada. MATERIALS: Stainless Steel, LED Lighting. DIMENSIONS: 12’ H x 18' W x 6‘ D

​Watch video of Cut Throat Trout and other MGA Works  in Process

LEFT: Fish Pattern for ​Cut Throat Trout. BOTTOM RIGHT: Frame Sketch. Designed by an aeronautical engineer, the frame has both a display and a transport position.

Design: Jane Designs and MGA
Project Team: Mark Aeling, Nick Macyshyn, Troy Vines 
Installation and Fabrication Team:  Yesco, Reno
Client: Jane Designs for Red Development, LLC
Location: Legends Plaza, Reno, NV
Date: 2009
Photography: Kate Coudayre
Status: Completed

A school of 575 Cast Stainless Fish leap together to form the State Fish of Nevada, a 12' x 18' x 6' Lahonten Cut Throat Trout. Set at the last of a series of five fountains, each with 20 individual fish arranged to appear as if swimming upstream, this site announces arrival at Legends Nevada's East entrance, giving visitors a sense of place. The outdoor linear commerce plaza features a large collection of commissioned artwork informing and educating visitors with works reflecting Nevada entertainment, history and culture. Two MGA works, Cut Throat Trout and Pony Express, anchor opposite ends of the plaza. 

Technical design for a sculpture of this size typically starts at what most viewers would consider the end – transportation of the finished sculpture to its installed location. Because of its size and the intricacies of its construction, Cut Throat Trout presented a potential challenge at transport. MGA worked with an aeronautical engineer to design a special frame for the sculpture with both a display and a transport position, resulting in a trouble-free arrival and install at its permanent location.

MGA Sculpture Studio, LLC

Sculpture by Mark Aeling, Master sculptor