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"Butterfly Kiss” at first blush is a play on words. This sculpture takes 550 stainless steel butterfly forms and contours each individual to create an elaborate surface that represents a sensual pair of lips. The deeper meaning lies in the investigation of the collective unconscious as a kaleidoscope (the term for a group or gathering) of butterflies comes together in mass to communicate to the observer the form of these lips to remind us of the childhood practice of blinking on a loved ones cheek to impart a “butterfly kiss”.
-- Sculptor Mark Aeling

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel
​DIMENSIONS: 12' X 12" X 2'

Concept and Design: Mark Aeling
Installation and Fabrication Team: Mark Aeling, Chris Padow, George Retke, Tyler Houston 
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Date: 2017
Photography: Alex Kaufman

Process photography: Mark Aeling
Status: Completed

MGA Sculpture Studio, LLC

Sculpture by Mark Aeling, Master sculptor